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EnvyU Skin

Sponge Applicator

Sponge Applicator

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This sponge applicator is fantastic for facial cleansing and tanning. 

If you have sensitive skin, acne breakouts, or hate staining your washcloths with makeup, this applicator is your best bet. 

Cleaner way to wash your face = Cleaner skin
The fibers in the sponge help unclog blocked pores that your hands or a washcloth could never do. It will also reduce the spread of bacteria from using your hands.

Reusable – The sponge is reusable. Just wash, rinse, and lay on its side to dry. And when your ready, we have the replacement sponges on the website for you! No need to buy a new handle if you don’t need it!  

Sponge will last roughly three months if used correctly. Wash, rinse, and place on the side to dry.

For Tanning, this handheld applicator works evenly all over. Triple the life of other tanning mitts, and it never loses its SHAPE.  Tanning your hands, face, and feet isn’t always quick or easy, especially when using mitts or gloves. With our patented handheld design, you can now do it with ease and confidence. Even use it for touch-ups in-between applications. Many of the mitts on the market today leave you with an uneven application and streaks, primarily when used religiously. You’ll never have to worry about this with your sponge applicator.

Sponge applicator is an incredible NEW design that is amazing for MANY things (too long to list, but we’ll give you a few) … Our faves are:

  • Ergonomic Design – Our applicator Size - Length 3in Width 2in Height 1in and curved, The petite design ensures that your body's EVERY angle can be reached like the Fingers, Toes, and Ears. These areas are so hard to get right with mitts and gloves. The oversized mitts or gloves make it harder to reach these places for an even tan.
  • Fast Drying – There is no need to use a crazy amount of tan while using this applicator. The tan goes further and dries faster because you’re not flooding your skin.
  • Streak-free – It’s streak-free because you’re able to control the pressure applied to the applicator for an even coverage. (no more blind tanning and hoping for the best!) 
  • Stain-Free Hands – We decided on a handle for this applicator because nobody likes those accidentally stained hands that we only notice the day after (annoying, right!), so the handle will protect your hands & nails from the tan. (Plus, if your boyfriend/friend doesn’t want to tan you because their hands get stained well, NO more excuses! 
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