About Envy U

Envy u Skincare is a range that focus' on giving women and men the ability to look and feel incredible within themselves. We've trialed, tested....and tested again to ensure we have the EXACT products that you are looking for. Does a no orange undertone, a simple and mess free application, an even fade, non stick and fragrant free tan sound good to you? We thought so too.
Our tans were designed for our celebrity clients to ensure that the tan could withstand the crazy long photo shoots and extreme workouts - and we've mastered it perfectly. We're not only proud of our incredible tan's colour and everything that comes with it, we're also proud to say that we're cruelty free, vegan and paraben free. You can feel comfortable that NO animals were harmed...only for petting, lots of petting.

We're also changing the skin care game, of course.
We LOVE skin! To complement our tanning range, we wanted to provide a product that is hydrating, reduces redness, evens skin tone, fixes dark circles, removes ingrown hairs, helps with pigmentation and MORE (sorry, what a mouthful!...there’s so much goodness!) These soaps are incredible for not only the skin, but your confidence too!
This range is made only from natural & organic ingredients, so there are NO hidden nasties! Envyuskin is a company built around helping people have healthy and beautiful skin, which is why we have the highest standards for our ingredients.
We have helped thousands of women over the world become comfortable in their own skin, make their skin shine and in turn, make themselves shine!