Clear Envy Loofah - Acne Treatment Face Wash
Clear Envy Loofah - Acne Treatment Face Wash

Clear Envy Loofah - Acne Treatment Face Wash

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Treatment for Mild to Moderate Acne. Start Changing the Way Your Skin Looks Today.

* Additional acne may occur and is a normal side effect. Pimples Start forming under the skin 6-8 weeks before appearing (Breakout) consistent routine will assist in bring them to the surface for quicker results.

*Treatment can take up to 4 weeks before seeing full results. You must be patient & consistent.

 CLEAR YOUR SKIN: Clear Envy Acne Wash Clears Your Skin and Helps Prevent Future Breakouts. It Contains Powerful Natural Ingredients That Kills Acne-Causing Bacteria Directly In the Pores Where Pimples Start.

SAFER INGREDIENTS: Unlike other major skin care brands, we refuse to use questionable ingredients Envy U Skincare Products are Made with Natural Ingredients.

Tried a million products and they never work? Well that stops here! Choosing the right acne fighting soap/skincare product is SO important...which is why we developed Clear Envy soap scrub!  This scrub helps fight acne and give your pores a deep cleanse all while keeping your skin hydrated (how good does that sound!!). It will keep your skin clean and refreshed thanks to our natural & organic ingredients. Gentle on the skin, Clear Envy can be used on all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Soaps specialties are:

  • Help fight acne causing bacteria
  • Eliminate blocked pores
  • Keep your skin hydrated
  • Reduce redness and blotches
  • Help fade dark patches and scars 

INGREDIENTS: Loofah aegyptiaca, Sulphur, Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Lye, Essential Oils