KELSEY WELLS:  "This is the greatest self tanner out there! First and foremost, I absolutely love the colour. I feel like it looks the closest to my natural tan than any other product I’ve tried. Bonus? No funny smell ad no streaks! I was nervous to apply, but it was a piece of cake! I love cake!" - @kelseywells

KAYLA ITSINES: "This is for one of my #bbg girls know I don't say anything unless i mean it. This is something I’ve wanted to post for so long but I had to wait until it was ready. So! Last winter I made a post about my spray tan and dress before an event. Everyone kept asking me what tan I used. I didn't say what it was because it wasn't available for sale. Thats because my amazing client Lenny made it herself! Its the most perfect colour ever and I told her if she ever put it in a bottle, my #bbg girls would LOVE IT! I use the Express Dark. My #bbgcommunity is so talented." - @kayla_itsines


ERA DYLA HILL: "Obsessed with Envy U tan, it makes my skin look so dark effortlessly and so quickly!" - @eraedyla